Gee for Senate 35
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Dana Gee | RI Senate District 35
Dana Gee | RI Senate District 35
Dana Gee | RI Senate District 35

I am pro-RI, pro-family, and pro-business. 1. We need a line item veto. There are only 6 states that do not give their governor this power. 2. We need to reduce the corporate tax on incorporated businesses back to $250, or even eliminate it. This amount was reduced from $500 in 2016, and is now $400. For a small business like my own, paying that every March is a hardship, especially at that time of year. Most of us are already contributing by collecting sales tax on what we manufacture and sell in RI. 3. We must work to retain our graduates. RI’s colleges and universities are arguably some of the best in the country, but almost 70% of their matriculating classes chose to leave after graduating. We are seeing a shift to a hi-tech economy and not the manufacturing base our state was once famous for (for generations). We need to keep this invaluable resource instate by working to create appealing jobs in the technology sector.

Trump: I tell my kids every day, TIME is your most valuable asset — do not squander it! I am amazed at the amount of time and energy spent on criticizing a person who was elected to the office of president of the United States. A leader is tasked with bringing people together. That has not been the case with our sitting president. My hope is that the tenor of our country’s current divisiveness does not thwart us from tackling effective gun control, comprehensive womens’ reproductive rights, and compassionate but fair immigration law. Our president has been a catalyst like no other — we are wide awake. I cannot remember in my lifetime when so many have been engaged on a local, state, and national level, but if he fails in his leadership, then it is up to us to vote him out in 2020.

Reproductive Rights: I had my children late in life. I cherish them. I personally would not choose to have an abortion, but it is not my place to make that decision for another. Roe vs. Wade has allowed a woman to decide what is best for them over the past 45 years, and I respect that ruling. We need to move forward, not backward, in working to ensure the health and welfare of our families.

Gun Control: My maternal grandfather fought in both World Wars, he was an Army man for life, and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. My father fought in the Korean War, and my husband fought in the Vietnam War. They were trained to use guns as a deadly force in order to protect our democracy. What has happened in the US these last ten years has reversed how many Americans feel about guns — a war is now aimed at guns themselves because the number of mass shootings has increased. Going to the movies, an outdoor concert, night club, your church or school, should not be cause to pause and consider what-if scenarios.

Our second amendment states our right to bear arms. I support guns in the hands of those who abide by the laws as written. We have 50 good RI gun laws including a domestic violence law, the Protect RI Families Act passed in 2017, a ban on bump stocks, and new Red Flag legislation. We also have 3,000 highly-trained, highly-motivated and well-paid law enforcement officers who undergo 120 gun training hours. The response time to an active shooter in RI is 1–3 minutes by our first responders. But mass shooters do not use the same kind of weapons used in the majority of RI gun crimes, so how do you write laws that address both?

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