Gee for Senate 35
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Dana Gee | RI Senate District 35
Dana Gee | RI Senate District 35
Dana Gee | RI Senate District 35

I have the experience of living in RI for 58 years. I have experienced running a small RI-based business for over 30 years (more than half of those years with employees). I am an experienced volunteer, having worked thousands of hours for the youth of East Greenwich’s schools, athletic, and community-based organizations. I have been involved in the political arena for the last ten years being the spouse of Mark Gee who has been an East Greenwich Fire Commissioner and Town Council member, and most recently our State Senator for District 35 for the last four years, the seat I am running for. I know I can contribute all of these experiences in helping to make our state better.

Family: Zing (17), Twins Griffin and Hope (14), dogs Wilhelm and Wizard (6).

Education: Harvard University, B.A. 1982, Visual and Environmental Studies; Boston University College of Communication, M.S. 1988, Mass Communication.

Professional: Providence Journal, JTV Text News Division Artist 1982–86; Colony Multimedia, Inc., Owner 1986–96; Spot Design, Inc., Owner 1996-present. Boston University College of Communication, Adjunct Professor Computing 1989–90; RISD Continuing Ed, Teacher Computer Design 1991–92.

Community Involvement: AfterPromEG, Board Member; East Greenwich Basketball Association, Board Member; Volunteer Coach for EGBA, EGLL, EGSA, Cole Tennis Club, EGHS Ultimate Team; Volunteer Designer for Meadowbrook Farms Elementary School, George R. Hanaford Elementary School, Archie R. Cole Middle School, East Greenwich High School, and the East Greenwich Education Fund.

Why Run? I am running for Senator in District 35 because I know firsthand what the job entails. I am a lifelong Rhode Islander. My parents met at RISD in the 50’s. I have lived in Barrington, Bristol, Cranston, East Providence, Middletown, Providence (West and East Sides), and now East Greenwich. I am a mom, a wife, and a daughter, so I understand the value of education, personal safety, a clean environment, and services for our seniors and those struggling to pay the bills.

As a designer, I problem solve and create one-of-a-kind solutions for my clients. Collecting tolls, depending on gambling, and continually raising fees and taxes is not a creative way to fix things wrong with our beautiful state. My goal is to bring creativity back to government — a positive approach, as opposed to all the negativity associated with the State House.

My daughter’s name is Hope. She was named after my late sister who was named after our state motto. While pregnant with my sister, my mom hand-stenciled hundreds of our state seal (which includes “Hope”) on bridge tiles that my father’s ceramics business had handmade for a state contract. So I am running on hope — Hard Work, and Hope for RI.